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There are a number of ways to contribute and partner KissMyKite

Donate to KissMyKite for Children's sports
Kitesurfing Equipment 
Donate Swimwear and Apparel
Swimwear & Apparel

Kitesurfing equipment of all types are welcome donations.  Kites, Kiteboards, boots, vests, footpads, harnesses, control bars.


Each piece of kitesurfing equipment is put to good use for a deserving kitesurfer who will model and showcase your equipment.


Manufactures get complimentary professionally edited photographs of each Kite, Kiteboard, control bar and harness donated with a great model.  

Kitesurfing photographs of Bart Kole

One of the best ways to contribute is by using or commissioning photographs produced through the efforts of the photographers, kiters and models who all donate their efforts.  We'll explain how to contribute sports equipment or clothing for models who seek sponsorships.  We make it easy for you to help in so many ways.  Any money raised go to the Aruba Sports Unie. We handle it all.

Photographs can be used to promote products, your company or cross-promotions with others like CPG, Adult Beverage, Travel & Leisure etc.


We also shoot fashion runway, look books and NYFW 


If you want something special, let us know. :)

Picture of Tony Filson shooting photographs for his charity KissMyKite

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Men and women's swimwear, apparel and accessories are great donations for a number of reasons.   The more advanced kiters wear the gear while performing and it's great publicity for the manufactures.   It makes the photographs more interesting with different outfits.   Bikinis, One Piece, Broadshorts, T-Shirts, Activewear, Wetsuits, even beauty products.

If you have swimwear or beach apparel it will look GREAT in the photographs being worn by talented athletes. We also shoot NYFW for you or your apparel company or shoot it on the beach :) "All"  wardrobe goes to models. 100%

Children's sports for kitesurfing Filcro Sports
Fashion Designers

Want unique photographs of your designs on the runway, studio, beach or in the water?  We can make that happen.

Make a kitesurfing model your "team rider".   What Fun!  Sponsor an athlete and they will wear or use your products and you'll reach your ideal audience for a fraction of the cost of a similar PR or marketing program.  We'll make your donation a rewarding experience.  Want to sponsor a sports clinic?  We can show you how to make a group of children really happy.  The options we offer are simple, effective, inexpensive and you'll get AMAZING photographs to use as you like.


Are you a designer, PR agency or publisher and want NYFW coverage? It's another great way for you to get high-quality photographs and help the cause.   Have a swag closet that you want to empty?


Swimwear, apparel, sports equipment, active lifestyle cosmetics, access to events... are all welcome.   We can also show you how to sponsor a children's sports clinic and brand it as your own.  No donation is too small 100% goes to the children. Everyone donates their time... It's about giving and sharing.

Thank you for visiting. Much thanks to everyone who helps, Tony :)

Write to us to for more information.
Thank you

Isla Marie by KissMyKite for NYFW
Phillip Kervel Kitesurfing Art Photography by KissMyKite
Jos Waterreus Kitesurfing Instructor Aruba By KissMyKite
NYFW Art Fashion Photography By KissMyKite
Fashion Photography By KissMyKite
Nathalie Zach by KissMyKite
KissMyKite Summer and Baseball Camp
Photography by Tony Filson

NYFW Stills /  Sports Art / PopImpressKA

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