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Friends of KissMyKite

A number of people have been exceptionally generous in their support of KissMyKite.


We would like to recognize their important contributions in facilitating KissMyKite's mission statement.  

Olga Papkovitch

July 18, 2016

Fashion Designer, Artist and Magazine Publisher Olga Papkovitch has been instrumental in supporting and promoting KissMyKite on many fronts.   Olga's couture and luxurious fashion lines for men and women are distinctive, beautiful, sexy, exciting and fun.

I first met Olga while shooting InStyle NYFW,  her show was a huge success.  Her models and clothing were inspiring to me creatively and I sent her some photographs from the show.   Olga then asked... "What else do you shoot Tony?" and I sent her pictures of Kitesurfers from Aruba.  Next thing I know, Olga does a story about me in her magazine PopImpressKA Journal and she includes multiple pages of my work from her fashion show and my wonderful friends who are world class kitesurfers in Aruba.  Now we move forward and I've grown to love this amazing woman who is gifted, kind, caring and supportive of many philanthropic efforts.  Olga is truly a beautiful person.


Olga's global acclaim for her clothing, accessories and swimwear is well deserved.  Her trademark colors and prints for men and women's resort and beachwear are spectacular.   Olga wanted an exotic location to showcase her couture swimwear and Aruba was a perfect fit.  To support KissMyKite Olga designed special outfits for four models who are noted athletes to coincide with Aruba Hi-Winds in an effort to raise money for the Aruba Sports Unie.  


The amazing photo shoot, the fundraiser and her support for up and coming models who are also athletes all came to fruition through her generosity and caring nature to support many causes related to children globally.


Thank you Olga, you are a beautiful person.   KissMyKite :) 

Wim Eelens

February 06, 2017

Wim Eelens is a good guy personally and professionally in helping KissMyKite raise money for the Aruba Sport Unie.


Wim and his business partner Geert van den Berg own a group of prominent companies in Aruba that are cornerstones of the sports and recreation industries.  FX Sports , Aruba Active Vacations and Vela Aruba.  Both men are accomplished athletes and understand the needs of athletes that live in Aruba and those who vacation there to enjoy one of the beautiful settings in the world for water, beach and biking sports.  


Under their corporate umbrella is also the highly successful international sporting competition Aruba Hi-Winds.


Aruba Hi-Winds attracts athletic participants from all the world and those seeking a uniquely Arubian experience of sun, fun, music and evening parties on the beach and under the Hi-Winds Tent.


Hi-Winds is a solid week in July, filled with Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and Mountain Biking competitions for athletes on beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.   The accompanying beauty of Aruba, the musical talent and evening parties make Aruba Hi-Winds a must event for a solid week of events that will last you a lifetime.


Wim Eelens and Geert van den Berg donated a valuable mountain bike that was raffled during Hi-Winds and also created a venue for additional contributions.   These two men made a huge difference in the lives of children in Aruba through their generosity.


Wim and Gert also sponsor prominent athletes from Aruba who are global Kitesurfing and Windsurfing champions like the highly respected and world famous female kitesurfer Annabel van Westerop.    


So to Wim Eelens and Geert van den Berg thank you for your generosity and making a substantial difference in the lives of so many deserving children in Aruba.  KissMyKite :)


November 22, 2020

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