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2015 Boca Grandi

We all can't wait to see our friends and make new ones

This year the event will start on July 4 at the Fisherman's Huts with freestyle kitesurfing opening the competition. Most of you who have attended in the past know that the freestyle kite events were held at Boca Grandi. It will be interesting to see how the water and wind conditions differ this year at The Huts. It will be nice to have great food, drinks and so much more to enjoy at The Huts.

It's always interesting to see who will come from all over the world to compete in the freestyle kitesurfing events. The most amazingly kiters seem to always show up. The junior's, men's and women's groups all keep you on your toes and wishing for more!

Remember this site is now

To those of you who want pictures, please let us know early so you can be marked in the books to get your photographs after you compete. Please go to our CONTACT PAGE and let us know which events you'll be competeting in.

Aruba awaits you! Bring nothing but a smile!...

We have kites, boards, harnesses and control bars to make your kitesurfing vacation one you'll remember for a lifetime :) Just pack your dreams. Armando's Kiteshack can supply everything.

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