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Media Services Offered

Sports, Fashion & Music


We offer a multitude of media and event services for multinational media organizations and companies focusing on fashion, sports, music, cosmetics, and consumer brands to bring about brand awareness and sales.. 

Fashion Photography on LOcation by KissMyKite Photographer
Athletes and their Sponsors

Individual athletes or their sponsors can arrange still photography and Media coverage before, during or after each event to include promotional appearances by the athletes and their sponsors.


Individual athletes and or their sponsors who want photographs taken during athletic competition can reserve photography services prior to and during the event. All work requested will take place on location.  We suggest that sponsors and athletes that want private sessions or press releases reserve time well before the event.


If you require equipment, fashion or product shots, please list the equipment you want to be photographed so we can arrange for backdrops or additional lighting if needed.

Assure your events are covered, contact us early.  We can take total creative control or you can specify as much nuance as desired.  If you require wardrobe, props, make-up or hair, please let us know.


We can deliver high-resolution files to meet every online or print need. We can also arrange for larger prints, wall treatments, In-Store displays and creative canvases.

Beach Tennis Photography by KissMyKite

Media, Fashion, Sports Equipment, Music, Consumer Goods


Media:  We will cover your event with world-class video and stills for current and future use and press distribution.  We will produce media for TV, Web, Mobile, Print, Social Media and Venues.

Music:  We will arrange for top musical artists through major music labels

Fashion:  We will arrange for the design and manufacturing of garments that compliment the brand for the venues or consumers and press coverage. 

Sports:  We will arrange for sports equipment manufacturing companies to produce branded equipment

Services are offered in domestic and international markets.

Beach Fashion and Beach Lifestyle Photography by Kissmykte
Digital / Web / Mobile
TV & Cable Networks

Media coverage of Sports, Fashion & Music tie-ins.   

  • Entire Event

  • Individual Athlete(s)

  • Individual Event(s)

  • Individual Award Ceremonies

  • Custom Photo Assignments for Consumer Interaction

  • Lifestyle | Fashion | Music & Sports Synergies


Digital delivery can be provided for same-day news coverage. 

Kitesurfing photography by Kissmykite
Advertising Agencies
Stock Houses
Equipment Mfg
Travel & Leisure

Coverage of events and competitions to include transportation, venues, t arrivals and departures, athlete/fashion/music artists, resort coverage, award ceremonies, lifestyle profiles.


  • Entire Event

  • Individual Athlete(s) , Models, Performing Artists

  • Individual Event(s)

  • Individual Award Ceremonies

  • Custom Photo & Video Assignments 

KissMyKite Sports Fashion Photography
Fashion for Sports / Resort / Beach / NYFW
& Fashion Designers

KissMyKite combines Sports & Fashion in the most positive way.  From the runways of NYFW to the beaches of exotic locations and international events, KissMyKite offers the Fashion and Sports industries exceptional opportunities for product placement, catalogs, lookbooks and publicity through amazing photographs of athletes and models with your products.

  • Beach Fashions / Swimwear / Resort wear / Sportswear 

  • Evening Gowns and Tuxedos on the Beach

  • Sports Equipment with models and athletes

  • Custom Photo Assignments 

  • Kitesurfing Lifestyle | Fashion & Sports Synergies


Digital delivery can be provided for same day news coverage or P.R.

KissMyKite Sports Fashion Photography
Excellence, Music & Fashion
With Your
KissMyKite Sports Fashion Photography
Athletes are Beautiful People Inside & Out Support KissMyKite by Supporting Athletes

The Athletes were the core of KissMyKite.   We are able to help children because of the generosity and kindness of these talented Kitesurfers and Windsurfers. So we hope that KissMyKite becomes a sponsorship showcase for their unique talents on and off the water. What a great beginning. 

  • Sponsors are encouraged to contact us to associate your brands with sports, music and fashion.

  • Sponsors can mix Fashion & Sports & Music to reach new markets and product awareness in US, LATAM & EU markets by just one placement,

  • By June 2020 in every market will see enhanced kitesurfing awareness.  By 2024 there will be a global awareness of the sport as never before based on amateur, Olympic and professional media. The time to get in is now. 

  • Exceptional tween, teen, young adults and adult kitesurfers need and want their sponsors to follow their careers as they climb in international competition rankings and into the Olympics

  • Please contact us for details. 


Example of a KIssMykite Event

International Sporting Event With Music & Fashion

  1. We brought in a world-class NYFW designer that created beach and swimwear and consumer goods for the sponsors who were in the beverage and adult beverage industry.  Models were dressed in the garments for media and consumer interaction as well as beverage distribution,

  2. We brought in athletic manufacturing companies to create customized equipment that prominently displayed the sponsor's branding and arranged for the athletes to use the equipment during the competition for press coverage and then arranged for the public and press to interact with the branded equipment and have consumers share their experience on social media as influencers.

  3. Arranged for a major record company to have their recording artists perform at the event with the sponsor's branded athletic equipment and models wearing their apparel on stage and at the beverage point of sale locations.

  4. Arranged for sponsor consumer giveaways and incentives to carry the brand to the next step at retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, and bars.

  5. Finished with a consumer activation and social media campaign that allowed direct ownership of the "consumer" relationship to increase brand awareness and sales.


Event Coordination Mixing Sports, Music & Fashion
Beash Tennis Photographer Tony Filson

Information, KissMyKite 

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