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Sports / Fashion Shoot Aruba
Promoting & Funding KissMyKite

For this promotion, we want to thank the following entities:

Watersports Fashion Photography

Water Sports Athletes Require Special Designs and Fittings Profiled by Sports Fashion Photographer Tony Filson of KissMyKite

Kitesurfing Athlete Caroline Herbillion of Venture Holidays Aruba.  Photo: Tony Filson

Water sports garments and swimwear for athletes require a great deal of functional design and practicality to withstand the rigors of international competitions for professionals.

For kitesurfing, windsurfing, foiling, and traditional wave surfing, nothing should restrain an athlete.  Swimwear should stay in place, look good and help the athlete develop their own brand in competitions with their fans and sponsors, with beautiful garments.

Tony Filson of KissMyKite helps swimwear designers and athletes look their best on the water, in the water, and on the beach.  

You can see that fashion designer Olga Papkovitch has developed PopImpressKA Couture Swimwear for water sports athletes.  No matter how hard you try it stays on, stays loose and looks great even during the most rigorous freestyle kitesurfing and windsurfing competitions. 


Fashion is not just for the runway or Miami Swim Week.... So KissMyKite :)  

Female Kitesurfing Athlete Caroline Herbillion
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