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Photograph of Tony Filson of KissMyKite with Canon 1DX and f/2.8 70-200 IS USM II in Aruba


KissMyKite Children's Sports Baseball Camp Fund Raiser

Tony Filson

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From 1985 to 2022 I had the honor of founding and leading one of the most successful global media management consulting and executive search firms in the industry.  Headquartered in New York City, we served media and entertainment conglomerates, TV networks, sports entities, music publishers, record labels, the fashion industry, advertising agencies, the Fortune 50-500, and the U.S. Government globallyExamples at every level.

Through the years we helped build some of the most successful and profitable media entities in the, TV, entertainment, telecommunications, and media technology industries.  Our firm also managed production personnel and BO&E for The New York Yankees, Knicks Basketball, NY Rangers Hockey, Liberty Basketball and events from Radio City Music Hall.



In 2013 my wife and I founded KissMyKite to support philanthropic efforts for children's sports initiatives. 


The fashion, music & sports industries have been tremendous supporters of KissMyKite over the years and we have participated at NYFW, STYLE, Miami Swim Week, Art Hearts Fashion, Miami Tennins and even recently at Art Basel Miami.   At fixed venues or exotic locations internationally we combine fashion, sports, art and music to produce media that supports a great cause.


KissMyKite donates and directs 100% of all proceeds to Children's Sports initiatives.  We accept no money and arrange for direct contributions.  For many years, my wife and I have matched funds and during COVID there was a noted hiatus but our goals always remained the same.     We strive to have deserving children in Summer sports clinics and camps each year, that normally, could not attend.


In 2018 we also helped fund the Tony & Helene Filson Baseball Camp in Aruba where tuition was subsidized by KissMyKite.  This effort was helped greatly by FX Sports Aruba and their CEO Wim Eelens who held auctions during Aruba Hi-Winds and donated merchandise generously in conjunction with Fashion Designer Olga Papkovitch and her publishing company.  Thank you to ESPN, The ESPY Awards, BRAUN and Wilson Sports, the kids loved your donations.



A.)  International Sports Event 

B.)  Fashion Designer(s)

C.)  Sports Equipment Manufacturers 

D.)  Fashion Magazine & Digital Media


Beautifully Produced Media & Press for everyone involved

1.   Brand Awareness 

2.   Consumer Activation

4.   Marketing

5.   Sales & Merchandising

6.   PR and Community Relations

7.   Current and Stock Media for You


Q:  Who do we contact to learn more?

A:   Tony Filson by email and we'll talk- Click Here

Q:  Can we donate garments for photoshoots?

A:   Yes and you'll get beautiful photos back

Q:  Who pays for HMU and Styling

A:   We do

Q:   What does it cost?

A:    We've had budgets as low as $300 to $5,200  

Q:   Who do we pay?

A:    The Summer Camp is picked based on your level of donation.  We accept no paymentsWe just give... we don't take :) 

Q:   Is my donation tax deductible?

A:    It's based on the Summer Camp.  

Q:  Who arranges the model(s) and possible coordination with an event?

A:    We do or you can.  As of 2024, we prefer Florida or ABC Islands locations 

Q:  Can you help us get press coverage?

A:     Yes, we work with several Fashion Magazines and Global Fashion News organizations.  They like spreads for features and editorials with enough photos to interest their readers.

Q:   Can you show me examples of the quality of the media for a location, venue or event shoot?

Some Links are For Mobile, some For Desktop, BTS & Riser in Hi-Rez. 

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KissMyKite is a member of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP

KissMyKite and FXSports Aruba Auction for The Sports Uni Summer Camp for Children

Helene & Tony Filson at Aruba Hi-Winds with their CEO Wim Eelens who is also the President of FXSports.


Sports equipment donated by FxSports, courtesy of Mr. Eelens was auctioned to raise funds for a KissMyKite initiative to send deserving children to the Aruba Sports Unie Summer Camp.   Mr. & Mrs. Filson matched the funds raised and also produced media to complement the competitions at Aruba Hi-Winds.     

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