Photograph of Tony Filson with Canon 1DX and f/2.8 70-200 IS USM II in Aruba


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Since 1985 I've had the honor of leading a successful media management consulting and executive search firm based in New York City, that serves noted media and entertainment conglomerates, Sports Entities, Music Publishers & Labels, The Fashion Industry, Advertising Agencies and the Fortune 50-500.

Through the years we have facilitated 100's of billions of dollars of media revenue and helped build some of the most successful and profitable entities in the media, sports, music, telecommunications, and technology industries through our consultancy. 


In 2013 we formed KissMyKite Photography to support philanthropic efforts for children's sports initiatives and the results have been overwhelming from private and publicly held corporations in the US, LATAM, EU, ASIA and the MENA.


The fashion, music & sports industries have  been  tremendous supporters of KissMyKite and we have reciprocated at NYFW, Style Fashion Week, Art Hearts and exotic locations internationally mixing sports, fashion and music to benefit everyone involved. 

KissMyKite Event & Media Management is the for-profit group that donates 25% of all revenue to children's sports programs.  KissMyKite Photography donates 100% of all proceeds to Children's Sports initiatives.

Our goal is simple for KissMyKite.  We strive to have 100+ children in Summer sports clinics and camps each year.  

As the current CEO of Filcro Media in New York, we work diligently to identify global media and broadcasting executives, consult with management and bring media M&A to fruition.  I trust that those in the sports, fashion, media, CPG, beverage, travel, music and cosmetic industries will continue to contribute to this deserving cause by asking, "How can we help?".   


We in turn, will have KissMyKite and Filcro Media drive revenue and positive corporate and community communications and media for your brand at a fraction of the cost associated with same.  Everyone wins!


And how we love the beautiful beaches of Aruba and the fashion runways and studios of NYC.

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We accept sports equipment for kids and direct sponsorship(s) of youth sports clinics and even named sponsorship at international sporting events, all branded to your company with world-class produced media, advertising, events or TV programming.  


Donations of swimwear and beach/resort apparel and couture for photoshoots are ALL welcome and the photographs are hi-gloss fashion magazine quality.  We can work with any budget to make this a great creative and marketing success. 


To keep the site interesting we showcase kitesurfing, windsurfing, beach sports, kitesurfing lifestyle, SFWNY and NYFW.    Press access to events is a priority.... So support from the designers, IMG, SFWNY / NYFW, Aruba Hi-Winds, ArtHeartsFashion, InStyle and PopImpressKA Journal is greatly appreciated.   


Best Regards, Tony :) 

NOTE:  For 2021 we have a goal of new camera equipment through B&H in New York.  Our equipment was severely damaged/lost on location with the loss of a Canon f/2.8 400mm and an EOS 1DXMKIII.  

Thank you to those who make Summer camp a reality for deserving children as we strive to subsidize these costs partially or in full, based on need, through media production and event services.

KissMyKite  is a member of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP