Olga Papkovitch
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Olga Papkovitch Photograph by Tony Filson for KissMyKite
Olga Papkovitch NYFW Runway Photographs by Tony Filson
PopImpressKA Journal NYFW Photography by Tony Filson

Olga Papkovitch is a globally recognized fashion designer, philanthropist, artist and magazine publisher.  


As a successful fashion designer, Olga's creations walk the runways of NYFW as she ties together her philanthropic endeavors in the United States, Europe, and the ABC Islands.    Her works on canvas inspire her signature prints for couture fashion that are unmistakenly "Olga".  Her internationally acclaimed magazine PopImpressKA Journal takes you through a world of amazingly interesting people and their stories in a way that inspires the human spirit.  Her print and digital media publications are a testament to her business, creative and charitable efforts coming together in a culmination of global goodwill and savvy leadership as a skilled media executive.  




















Olga Papkovitch and KissMyKite - How We Met


Fashion Designer, Artist and Magazine Publisher Olga Papkovitch has been instrumental in supporting and promoting KissMyKite on many fronts.   


I first met Olga while shooting InStyle NYFW,  her show was a huge success.  Her models and clothing were inspiring to me creatively and I sent her photographs from the show that reflected more portraiture than runway and...   Olga then asked... "What else do you shoot Tony?" and I sent her pictures of Kitesurfers from Aruba.  Next thing I know, Olga does a story about KissMyKite in her magazine PopImpressKA Journal and she combines multiple pages of my photographs from her NYFW show and my friends who are world class kitesurfers and athletes in Aruba.  


I've grown to love and respect this amazing woman who is gifted, kind, caring, smart and supportive of many philanthropic efforts.  Olga is truly a beautiful and gifted person.


Olga Papkovitch and KissMyKite - Couture Swimwear & The Aruba Spot Unie 


Olga wanted an exotic location to showcase her couture swimwear and Aruba was a perfect fit.  


To support KissMyKite Olga's couture swimwear was provided for three noted kitesurfing athletes and an Olympic athlete to coincide with Aruba Hi-Winds to raise money for the Aruba Sports Unie.  


The amazing photo shoot, the fundraiser and her support for up and coming models who are also great looking and talented athletes all came to fruition through her generosity and caring nature to support causes related to children globally.


Thank you Olga.  xxxooo KissMyKite :) 




















Model Natalia Eremenko for Designer Olga Papkovitch - Photographer Tony Filson for KissMyKite
Olga Papkovitch Haute Couture by Photographer Tony Filson
Olga Papkovitch works on canvas

Sports / Fashion Shoot Aruba
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Photography by Tony Filson

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