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Phillip Kervel

Flipthabird McFly
Helping KissMyKite

Phillip Kervel

Phillip Kervel AKA FllipThaBird McFly is a noted, respected kitesurfing athlete.    Phillip's unique style, athleticism, and kitesurfing freestyle acrobatics are legendary.


Phillip's participation on the international kitesurfing circuit is bringing about the recognition he deserves.  As a commercial success, promoting kitesurfing and as an ambassador for the sport, he reflects everything positive about kitesurfing,


Phillip is a kitesurfing instructor and Team Rider for Nobile Kiteboarding a highly respected and visible brand utilized and endorsed by many of the top professional kitesurfers like Phillip, who require performance-driven designs for professional kitesurfing athletes.


Phillip Kervel embodies sportsmanship.  As a role model for youth sports programs like KissMyKite, he is a gentleman and a fine example for other athletes to follow.  


Phillip Kervel Helping KissMyKite


When NYFW fashion designer Olga Papkovitch first saw Phillip's photographs she fell in love with his camera presence on and off the water.  Phillip was key in an Aruba Kitesurfing Fashion shoot to promote KissMyKite, and raise money for The Aruba Sport Unie and cross promote with Aruba Hi-Winds and the PopImpressKA Journal.


Working with his fellow kitesurfing instructors and Aruba Olympic Athlete; Nicole van der Velden, Nathalie Zach and Niki Zach all played important roles modeling in a highly successful photo shoot.  Helene Filson, Timmy Zach and Armando Wester helped also in what was a collaborative effort to bring KissMyKite's mission statement to fruition.


Thank you, Phillip,  KissMyKite :)



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