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Sports, Fashion, Music & MediA management CONSULTING
global Talent acquisition & Logistics

KissMyKite has a rich heritage of creating sports, fashion, music, and media opportunities to bring brand awareness and monetization to fruition, for the world's most respected brands.

Automotive, Fashion, CPG, Cosmetic, Beverage, Adult Beverage, Travel & Leisure, Telecom,  Entertainment, Sports, Financials, Music Publishers, Technology, Pharmaceutical, PEG, QSR’s and others for brand awareness, new product roll-out and monetization. KissMyKite brings the Fortune 50-500, and Unicron Brands “to the game”.


The firm's management has worked with the senior-most executives of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, IMG, ESPN, CBS, HBO, YES, USOC, and WWE and others with a noted history with Professional Boxing and Extreme Sports. 


KissMyKite offers a granular hands-on understanding of day-to-day venue, special events, broadcast and game-day logistics for each sport.  In one major market, the firm has served Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, The New York Rangers, The New York Knicks, The New York Yankees, New York Mets, Liberty Basketball, World Wrestling and others to make “Game Day” a media reality.  The firm's experience managing team, athlete, venue, broadcast, digital and sponsorship personnel "on and off" the field, makes the firm uniquely qualified to bring related business goals to fruition with fertile ground for future monetization. 



The firm has long-standing senior-level relationships with TV Networks OTA, OTT & Cable, Digital Publishers, Radio Networks, Mobile, Advertising Agencies, Magazine, Newspaper, Motion Picture, Sports Media Libraries, News Organizations, Corporate Video and Producers of Sports, Fashion, Music Media & Digital Content.

KissMyKite will coordinate production, post and distribution as well as origination globally.  Content is shot in 4K and available in 8K as of the Tokyo Games.  We work with some of the most talented producers, directors, and editors in the world. 

KissMyKite will produce and distribute reality, sports, fashion and music programming with commercial insertions for Cable/MSO, OTA and OTT distribution based on your genre.  The resulting programming produced can be multi-purposed for every media platform and geographic. 

We offer over 9000 sq ft of studio space with 14’ high, full lighting grids and (4) four, state of the art, edit suites.



KissMyKite works with an extensive roster of cross-platform multicast and multiplex music broadcasters, publishers, record labels and music entertainment brands globally.

Longstanding relationships with SONY, Universal, BMG, Warner, Virgin, Atlantic, and others provide for easy planning of music-related projects.  Working with A&R, Product Management, Marketing, and individual artists and their management the firm can coordinate projects in studio, venue or remote locations. We also work with multiple Music TV Networks. for project synergies.  We are hiring in Los Angeles

KissMyKite works across all music genres in US | LATAM | ASIA | MENA and EU markets.  With state of the art music production facilities in DFW/Texas and New Orleans/Louisiana both with origination for live broadcast and uplink.   




KissMyKite has extensive experience working with fashion designers, fashion show organizers, Fashion venues, models, hair & makeup artists, stylists and the technical aspects of producing, broadcasting and creating media for fashion shows in the world's largest markets for global distribution.

Our firm can coordinate the creation of branded apparel by noted NYFW fashion designers to compliment any event or media production to enhance your brand.  Fashion designers are also available to compliment your event or production with appropriate garments that will add the caliber of entertainment or brand awareness desired.


From swimwear to haute couture on the runway, beach/resort or capturing your brand on participating athletes, garments can be produced that will not be forgotten.


At events. and for press coverage, your models or staff at point of purchase or information booths can be dressed in high-end branded garments to attract any demographic.  KissMyKite can make fashion a highly effective tool to be utilized across all platforms.


Adult Beverage | Agriculture | Apparel | Automotive

Beverage | Big Box | Broadcasting

Cosmetics | CPG | Construction

Direct Response

Education | Electronics | Energy | Entertainment


Gaming | Government

Health Care


Mining | Mobile | Motion Picture | Music

Oil and Gas

Pharmaceutical | Power | Prof. Services

QSR’s | Fine Dining | Beach Events

Real Estate | Retail


Telecom | Transportation | Travel & Leisure



Tony Filson


New York, NY |  Bonita Springs, FL | DFW, TX

US:  212-599-0909

skype: tvstaff




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