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Nicole van der Velden
Helping KissMyKite

Nicole van der Velden did an amazing job modeling for fashion designer Olga Papkovitch's couture swimwear line with short notice.  While maintaining a busy schedule representing Aruba's Saling Team in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, she found the time to come back to Aruba for this philanthropic project, then return to Rio.


Nicole is loved by everyone in Aruba.   Her contributions to KissMyKite to help raise funds for the Aruba Sport Unie and appear in PopImpressKA Journal  as a swimwear fashion model was a true gesture of kindness.  


The children of Aruba look up to Nicole as a role model and no one deserves more praise for helping those same children change their lives, for the better, through the Aruba Sport Unie.


The photo shoot during Aruba Hi-Winds was so much fun with Nicole involved.  I think the pictures on this page reflect the special moments we all enjoyed because of her sense of humor and close relationships with her fellow models and athletes, Nathalie, Niki, Phillip and Timmy.


Thank you Nicole.  KissMyKite :) 



Nicole van der Velden
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