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Olympic Kitesurfing Advocates

Olympic advocacy group dedicated to the sport of kitesurfing


Mission Statement


To promote, advocate, support and encourage kitesurfing on amateur, professional and Olympic levels.   

KissMyKite Goals and Accomplishments


  • Advocacy for kitesurfing in the Olympic Games.  The 11th Sailing Medal should go to kitesurfing in 2024 with continued support

  • Children's Sports Initiatives US | LATAM | EU

  • To fund the Aruba Sport Unie - Summer Camp Program

  • Corporate and not for profit participation through:

Sports Equipment Manufactures
Sports Talent Representation / Fashion Talent Representation
Sports Fashion and Couture Fashion Firms & Designers
CPG, Beauty and Cosmetic Industry

Sports and Fashion Venue Event Participation

Media Outlets: Photography provided for Print, OTA, OTT, MSO, Mobile, OEM, OOH, DOOH, Retail Installations

Members, Advisory, Platforms

KissMyKite:  Created in 2013 to promote a coalition between the sports and fashion industries to showcase kitesurfing through the distribution of exceptional kitesurfing and fashion photography. 


Coverage includes talented kitesurfers and kitesurfing competitions.  KissMyKite also covers NYFW and all proceeds are devoted to children's sports programs.  Sports equipment; Sports Fashion, Sports and Outdoor Cosmetic brands.  Aruba Hi-Winds is a favorite event to showcase international good will amongst kitesurfers and the lifestyles of diverse kitesurfing communities.  All donations from Media, Sports, Cosmetic and the Fashion industries are welcome.   Products and financial donations for photographs are 100% put to children's sports.  All work is pro bono :)   

Filcro Media - Sports Group:  Working with brands like IMG, ESPN, TopRank, Lieuwe Boards, Wilson Sports, Braun, CrazyFly, and others Filcro Media provides Pro Bono participation to tie in their global media and broadcasting practices through Filcro Sports to advocate for kitesurfing and children's sports programs.


KissMyKite Event & Media Management:  International Sports, Music, Fashion and TV Production Services

Tony Filson:  A strong verbose advocate and liaison to Olympic governing bodies; the USOC; sports talent representation, sports media, sports equipment manufacturers, CPG, fashion and cosmetic firms.  Provides pro bono photography services, marketing, PR, product tie-ins, web sites and an endless devotion to the causes of Kitesurfing and children's sports programs.


Aruba Sport Unie: The Aruba Sports Unie oversees 35 different Sports Federations to promote and provide sports programs so all children can participate.

Of special interest is a vacation sports camp in the month of July for 130 children in three different facilities on the island for children between the ages of 6 and 14 years. The children get daily varied sports instructions wth meals.  

We wish to thank everyone who has helped to support the Aruba Sport Unie and KissMyKite to advocate for the beautiful children and the wonderful sport of kitesurfing.  


Aruba sports Unie
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