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Timmy Zach
Helping KissMyKite

Timmy Zach is a talented kitesurfer, kitesurfing competition champion and team rider for Lieuwe Boards .


Timmy placed 1st in the International Aruba Hi-Winds freestyle competitions and others.  He is amongst a respected group of competitors that provide world class performances to people from all over the world who flock to Aruba to view and participate with kitesurfing athletes like himself.


Timmy Zach Helping KissMyKite


Timmy has added so much to KissMyKite and other sports fashion Aruba photo shoots.  His free spirit and upbeat personality and kind nature makes shooting fun for everyone.  At one point Timmy even grabbed a 1DX and started shooting.  I wish every photo shoot could be such fun.


Timmy Zach a photo reportage


Some of the photographs KissMyKite has taken of Timmy Zach have won photographic awards by noted sports photographers as Sports Photography Reportage. His freestyle techniques are daring and without hesitation Timmy can perform amazing tricks with all the aplomb of a world class kitesurfing athlete.   He is the real deal! 


Timmy's recent freestyle and other wins at Aruba Hi-Winds give everyone hope that he will be one the young up and coming stars who will make their way to the 2020 or 2024 Olympic Games.



Timmy, Thank you for helping and your support.  KissMyKite :)


PDF of Timmy in Magazine



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