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Armando Wester is a good friend who has helped KissMyKite in many ways.


It was through him and the business he owns, Armando's Kite Shack,  that KissMykite and my photography skills were all able to come to fruition.

Armando plays a special role in the kitesurfing community in Aruba and represents everything positive about the unique beauty and kitesurfing lifestyle that people come from all over the world to enjoy


We hope you enjoy the pictures below of Armando, his family, and his business.  


Thank you Armando, Tony & Helene  :) 

Armando Wester and Family At Armando's Kite Shack

This is Armando with his family;  Yvette and their two beautiful children Zaria and Nando.   Little Cosmo, under the chair, is taking a nap after a hard day of chasing balls on the beach.  

Picture of Armando's Kite Shack in Aruba with Nathalie Zach

This is Armando's Kite Shack. 

It'a an oasis in Aruba for everything Kitesurfing and the kitesurfing lifestyle.  From beginners to hard-core competition level professionals, young and old alike all come to Armando's to learn and enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of the Aruba kitesurfing community.  


Sitting on a bench together you'll find a person taking their first lesson sitting next to a pro from Aruba, Spain, Holland, the U.S. or Germany.  

The instructors are world class kitesurfers who take loving, safe care with a young child's first lesson or a pro who wants to learn a few advanced tricks before a competition.   Armando even offers lodging for those who want to immerse themselves in the Aruba kitesurfing lifestyle and enjoy the "Real Aruba" with fellow kitesurfers.   


In this picture is Nathalie Zach, one of the kitesurfing instructors at Armando's. Nathalie is a "Peter Lynn" and "Lieuwe Board" team rider and also a Yoga instructor.  Most professional instructors are well accomplised athletes, this is fine example exspeccilly for those who want their first kitesurfing experience. 


Armando Wester kitesurfing instructor and owner of Armando's Kite Shack
Armando Wester Kitesurfing instructor taken at Armando's Kite Shack

Armando is "The Real Deal".


As an accomplished kitesurfer, kitesurfing instructor and kitesurfing school business owner, he is integral in the Aruba kitesurfing community,


Always patient he teaches his students and his instructors the importance of setting a unique pace that leaves everyone with a sense well-being.


Some parents have enrolled their children in Armando's classes at the beginning of their vacation and found their child to be a better person for the experience when going home.  The confidence, discipline, friendship and skills thay gain in a few days, can last a lifetime.



Nando Wester and Helene Filson at Armando's Kite Shack
Helebe Filson, Nando Wester and Armando Wester

This is my wife, Helene Filson with Armando Wester and his handsome son Nando, a future kitesurfing champion.... no doubt.

Aruba is a beautiful place, filled with beautiful people.

Nicole van der Velden, Nathalie Zach, Phillip Kervel modeling for Olga Papkovitch
Niki Zack, Nathalie Zach, Phillip Kervel modeling for Olga Papkovitch
Nathalie Zach, Phillip Kervel modeling for Olga Papkovitch

So what do these athletes hanging out in a tree in Aruba have to do with Armando and KissMyKite?  Read below to find out.


Armando Wester helping KissMyKite


KissMyKite is about helping children by combining fashion and kitesurfing.  


When KissMyKite first started in 2013, everyone was enthusiastic about NYFW designers, world class kitesurfing athletes, Aruba Hi-Winds, and kitesurfing equipment manufacturers all coming together to help fund children's sports initiatives in Aruba.   After it three years of hard work everything came together in 2016 and Armando Wester was a big help.


The fun pictures above are from a KissMyKite location photo shoot from beautiful Aruba for noted New York City based, NYFW designer Olga Papkovitch.  Olga's couture swimwear was featured exclusively in the shoot for publication in her international magazine, The PopImpressKA Journal.  PDF of Magazine.


Armando scoped out a few sites, took me for a ride in his truck and I liked this location the moment I saw it.  This beautiful weathered tree is located near the The California Lighthouse.   Armando also offered to fill any void if some of the committed participants dropped out for fundraising.


It's because of Armando and his friends and his talented kitesurfing instructors that I began to take a serious interest in honing my kitesurfing photography skills.  My favorite spot to shoot is in front of Armando's Kite Shack.


Photographed with this beautiful weathered tree, we see three of Armando's well known kitesurfing instructors, and an Aruba Olympic Sailing Team member all helping KissMYKite.  All are as beautiful people as they are talented athletes.


Nathalie Zach
Kitesurfing Instructor; Lieuwe Board and Peter Lynn Team Rider; Yoga Instructor; Artist and Model 


Phillip Kervel AKA FlipTheBird McFly

Kitesurfing Instructor; Lieuwe Board and Peter Lynn Team Rider; World Class International Kitesurfing Competitor; Model


Nicole van der Velden
Aruba Olympic Sailing Team Member; Accomplished Yoga practitioner and Athletic Ambassador for Aruba; Model


Niki Zach

Kitesurfing Instructor; International Kitesurfing Competitor and Creative Director.  Niki helped a great deal with creative direction for the photo shoot; Model


The Tree, Location and Support

Armando Wester 

Kitesurfing Instructor; Kitesurfing Business Owner; International Kitesurfing Competitor; Inspiration and "Good Guy" :) 


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Armando Wester owner of Armando's Kite Shack in Aruba
Armando's Kite Shack Aruba
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